Strategies of Critique

"Strategies of Critique" is a conference hosted by graduate students in the Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought at York University. These pages provide information about this year's conference, and offer the opportunity to review the last several years' conference programmes. The first issue of J-SPoT will publish selections of previous Strategies' presentations.

1999 Strategies of Critique 13: Superstition: Conference Programme and Schedule

1999 Strategies of Critique 13: Superstition: Conference Abstracts

Call for Papers


But no semiotic immolations

Scanned by Neil Braganza, cropped by M. Michael Schiff; produced by
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Review the previous three Strategies' conference programmes: 

Strategies of Critique X: The New Right (1996) with abstracts.

Strategies of Critique XI: Ends of Knowledge or the Knowledge of Ends (1997)

Strategies of Critique XII: (in)justiced subjects (1998)

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 Last year's ¿ ¡ Illustrations in black & white and colour:

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