Strategies of Critique

The Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought announces its annual graduate student conference:

Strategies of Critique 13: Superstition
March 26, 27, 1 999 / York University

Between knowledge and belief, at the crossroads of science and myth, is born an epistemological hybrid -- 1/2 method, 1/2 ritual -- that mediates historical and political practices. What critical exorcisms, whose manifestations, and which metamorphoses
haunt the site of SUPERSTITION?


13 session ideas:

1 political prognostications

2 necromancy of the nation

3 epistemological auguries

4 lust for the apocalypse

5 the gender of the beast

6 rites of the subject

7 possessions and the dispossessed

8 parapraxes

9 semiotic spells

10 conjuring evidence

11 sacred technologies

12 spectres and speculations

13 the rational kernel in the mystical shell


Graduate students are invited to submit a 200-word proposal for a paper, performance, or video presentation by Tuesday December 1st EXTENDED UNTIL FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 1998. All proposals will be blind reviewed. Presentations should be approximately 20 minutes. Send all proposals and inquiries via email, fax or mail to:

c/o Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought
York University
S716 Ross Building, 4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P1

Email: c/o Mike Palamarek,
Fax: (416) 650-8075


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