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The calendar on is an online calendar that lets you keep track of your personal events and appointments, but also does a lot more, integrating event calendars from across the University as well as your class schedule and, if you like, external calendars as well. The calendar uses iCal, a Web standard for calendar delivery.

There are four types of calendars you can use with

Personal Calendar
Use the Personal Calendar to record your personal events. Click "Add Event" in the left-hand menu to enter an event into your Personal Calendar. Give the event a name, set its start and end time, and any recurrences. You can also set a location for the event or add a description. Click "Save" and your event will be displayed in you calendar. If you don't see any events that you have entered, make sure the checkbox for "Personal Calendar" in the Show/Hide menu on the left-hand side of the page is checked.

Personalized York Calendars
The Personalized York Calendars display the class times for the lectures, labs and tutorials for the courses in which you are registered. When the Exam Schedule has been released, the exams for your registered courses will also be displayed in the Personalized York Calendars.

York Calendars
The York Calendars display events from a variety of departments and organizations at York. You can see the complete list of available York Calendars by clicking "Add/Remove" at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Clicking the checkbox next to any calendar on the Add/Remove screen will add it to your personal list of calendars in the left-hand menu.

External Calendars
You can include calendars from outside York using the calendar. Enter the name and URL for any iCal feed that you would like to include in the "My External Calendars" box at the top of the Add/Remove screen and click "Add New Feed". When you go back to the calendar view, you will see the iCal feed you entered in your Show/Hide hide menu on the left-hand side of the page. To find iCal feeds that you may be interested in, try a Google search using the term "iCal" and keywords for a topic of interest, say 'iCal + "Toronto Raptors"' or 'iCal + toronto + food". The URL for an iCal feed usually begins with www and ends with .ics.

The calendars listed in the Show/Hide menu are calendars that you are subscribed to. If you are subscribed to many calendars, the display can become cluttered. To reduce the number of calendars you are viewing at once, simply un-check the calendars that you want to remove from your view in the Show/Hide menu. You will still be subscribed to these calendars, but they won't be displayed until you check "Show" again.

The Add/Remove screen is where you manage your calendar subscriptions. In other words, it is here that you decide which calendars to include in your Show/Hide menu. You can select from a list of York Calendars, or you can subscribe to external iCal feeds. The Add/Remove screen lists all of the calendars you are subscribed to, including some "mandatory" calendars such as your classes and exams. (Note that you can choose to "Hide" mandatory feeds in the Show/Hide menu, but you can not remove them from your list of calendars altogether.)

Assigning Colours
You can change the colours for each calendar by clicking on the colour square next to the name of the calendar in the Show/Hide menu. This is useful if you are subscribed to a few feeds that share similar default colours.