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You can set up to receive RSS feeds from your favourite websites. Here's how:

1. Open a new browser window and navigate to the website of your choice.
2. If the website publishes an RSS feed, you will most likely find it by clicking an "rss" symbol: RSS Button
3. Copy the URL for the RSS feed
4. Back on, paste the URL for your RSS feed into the "Add RSS Portlets" field and give the feed a title.
5. Click "Add". You should see your RSS feed displayed in a new portlet.

You can add as many feeds to your tab as you like. We've provided an example RSS feed -- Top News from the CBC. You can keep it on your page or delete it as you wish.

To change the display options for your feeds, such as the number of stories to display, click the Configure button: Configure Button

There are lists of some of the feeds available at York here and here.