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TABS & PORTLETS has been arranged in a series of tabs so that you can easily find and organize the information you want.


The Home tab presents any alerts you should be aware of, as well as quick access to your calendar, the weather, general campus news and announcements, and a handy to-do list where you can jot reminders for yourself.

The Courses tab allows you secure access to see the classes you've registered in, your student profile, grades, and other course-related information.

The Library tab provides a shortcut to library catalogue searches, links to research guides for your courses, a snapshot of books you have on loan and any fines that may be owing, and news from the library.

The Finances tab provides secure access to your student account. Reminders for Financial Aid applications and information about your YU-Card also appear here.

On the Campus tab you will find campus maps, listings of campus events, headlines from the Excalibur, workshops and events from the Career Centre, and other content relevant to campus life.

My Tab is a place where you can subscribe to your favourite RSS feeds. Quick tips on how to find and subscribe to RSS feeds are available on My Tab. Detailed instructions are available here.


Tabs on organize information and tools in portlets -- small, specialized boxes that show news feeds from the university, tools such as a Library catalogue search, and access to various applications that allow you to manage or track your York profile.

The Calendar portlet provides a powerful calendar application where you can keep track of your classes, your own personal appointments as well as important campus- and class-related dates. Read more about the calendar here.

The E-mail portlet displays the 10 newest message headers from your email. You can also set the portlet to show headers from you Gmail account and any other IMAP account you have.

Adding, Moving and Deleting Portlets

We've organized the portlets on your pages in a way that we think makes sense, but it's really up to you to decide where things should go and what content you want to see on your tabs.

To add portlets to your tabs, simply click the "Add Stuff" link in the top-right-hand corner. You will see a list of portlets in a pop-up window that you can add to the tab you are currently on. Note that you can add any portlet to any tab.

It’s worth browsing the Add Stuff menu from time to time to see if new portlets are available. Not all portlets appear on your tabs automatically.

To remove a portlet, simply click the red X in the top-right-hand corner of the portlet. It will disappear from the page. Anytime you want to put the portlet back on a tab, it will be available in the Add Stuff menu.

To move a portlet from one area of the page to another, click and hold the top part of the portlet and drag it to its new location. Note that it's not possible to drag a portlet from one tab to another. If you'd like to do that, simply delete the portlet from the first tab, click on the tab where you'd like it to be, and add it from the Add Stuff menu.

Only the Announcements portlet can't be removed from the portal, although once you have read any announcements contained within it, you can delete the announcements themselves.