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Science and Technology Studies (STS) is an interdisciplinary program that offers courses of study leading to either a BA or BSc degree. Its purpose is to expand our understanding of science and technology by exploring their social, cultural, philosophical and material dimensions. To achieve that purpose, the program draws upon the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences to offer courses treating specific scientific ideas, as well as courses addressing broader topics such as science and gender, science and religion, and technology and cultural values. Students are encouraged to draw connections across traditional boundaries as they seek an intellectual appreciation for the sciences and technology as powerful means for understanding, embodying and shaping the world and ourselves. Students will learn to analyze complex ideas about science and technology, and to discover how to trace the origins and implications of events and patterns of thought in the past and present. Read more


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Requirements for BA Degree in STS

Requirements for BSc Degree in STS


January 2016 - The Faculty of Science welcomes three new faculty in the Departments of Science and Technology Studies; Hélène Mialet, Jill Lazenby and Vera Pavri.

July  2015, Professor Katharine Anderson wins the Ritter Memorial Fellowship from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

CONGRATULATIONS to Michal Panszczyk (4th year, STS) for winning a Hannah Summer Studentship ($5000) to support for his archival research project "On the Margins of Biomedicine: Epidemic Encephalitis in Ontario, 1919-1930."

CONGRATULATIONS to STS doctoral student Dorian Deshauer, an Associate Editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal who recently  launched a new open-access CMAJ section entitled "Medicine & Society."