Sean Tulin

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at York University





Research interests

Dark matter: Most of the matter in the Universe is completely unknown and lies beyond the scope of the Standard Model of particle physics. How can we figure out what dark matter is from astrophysical and experimental searches?

Beyond the Standard Model: What new physics lies beyond the frontier of our current understanding? How is it related to big cosmological puzzles, e.g., why does the Universe have matter but almost no antimatter?

My research papers

Research group

Brian Colquhoun (Postdoctoral fellow, 2018-present).

Laura Sagunski (Postdoctoral fellow, 2016-present).

Yilber Fabian Bautista (PhD student, 2018-present).

Sneh Modi (MSc student, 2016-2018).

Lucas Durand (MSc student, 2014-2016).

Research activities

PSI Winter School '17
Solving dark matter at the Perimeter Scholars International Winter School (Jan. 2017).
Olivier Simon, Laura Sagunski, Yilber Fabian Bautista, Sean Tulin (L-R).

Summer research '16
Research presentations with undergrad summer research students (Aug. 2016).
Sophia Nasr, Phong Tran, Luis Pinto, Henry Vu, Armita Jalooli, Gianfranco Bino (clockwise from top left).

Outreach and press

York Science Forum with Dean Ray Jayawardhana (York), Professor Wendy Taylor (York), and guest of honor Professor Lisa Randall (Harvard). Held at Toronto Reference Library (Dec. 11, 2015).

Science of Science Fiction: The Dark Side of the Force. Held at Richview Library (Nov. 12, 2015).

One book, One Markham: Lecture on cosmological themes in A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. Held at Markham Public Library (Oct. 22, 2014).

The Higgs and other particles that matter: public talk/Q&A with the Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics (Jan. 19th, 2013). Many thanks to Chris Lindsay and Janice Loffreda-Wren for inviting me to speak and making my podcast available. X particle explains dark matter and antimatter at the same time X factor: new particle could solve two mysteries

New scientist: The dark side of antimatter (paywall) Physicists propose mechanism that explains the origins of both dark matter and 'normal' matter

Wikipedia entry Higgsogenesis proposed to explain dark matter.