Theatre Artisan Green Skills


Our goal is to create a forum for theatre artisans to become educated in more sustainable practices for the stage.  We will be researching topics and posting the information we find here on this site. This information will hopefully lead to an open innovation system that will help the theatre industry become more ecologically sustainable. As you find new sustainable practices please contact us so we can post it here along side our research.

If you have an initiative that you are part of and would like to share
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Mission Statement

"By Turning Down Your Central Heating Thermostat One Degree, Fuel Consumption is Cut by as Much as 10%"

        - Go Green

Burton Auditorium

York University, Keele Campus

Scenery Construction Shop

York University, Keele Campus

"Get the L.E.D Out" - Sandre Faire Ivan Fecan Theatre, Keele Campus

projection symposium:


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