Welcome Message

After a long hiatus, we are excited to host the 47th annual Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium (POMS) again at York University in 2019.

And it is timely to do so. York has been undergoing an impressive transformation and modernization in recent years with considerable growth, particularly in the areas of Science and Engineering that are supported by several new, state-of-the-art buildings. Moreover, the opening of two new subway stations on campus now conveniently connects York to downtown Toronto. Come and see for yourself — POMS is a great opportunity to do so!    

POMS is one of North America's premier physical organic chemistry symposia. The meeting showcases all aspects of physical organic chemistry and its relentless, evidence-based approach to understand chemical processes: from fundamental mechanistic investigations and spectroscopy to advanced materials and biological chemistry. All fields of chemical science can benefit from the foundational principles of physical organic chemistry, and POMS is a great place to see these principles in action!

We look forward to welcoming you at York University in November!


Thomas Baumgartner, Christopher Caputo, and the rest of the organizing team

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