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My Voicemail Online using My CallPilot - FAQs

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Q: How do I record a temporary out of office greeting?

A: You can record greetings in two ways. The greeting recording panel is in “CallPilot Features” tab, inside “Greetings”. 

  1. If you do not have CallPilot player, a way of setting greetings is to import a pre-recorded greeting from your computer.  Recorded greetings must be in wav format, which can be recorded using your audio recording software on your computer.  Alternatively, you can do this by calling your extension, and leaving yourself a message of your greeting, then saving that message as a wav file, and finally importing the wav file. 
  1. If you have CallPilot player, you can record a greeting using your phone by selecting edit in the Greetings menu.

For more information about recording greetings see the My CallPilot Training Manual.

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