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Call Pilot Voicemail

Windows Installation Guide for FireFox

  1. Fire Fox settings.
    Login to
    Click on My CallPilot.

  2. Click on Accept this certificate permanently.

  3. Click on OK to Security Error.

  4. Click OK to all the subsequent  security warnings.

  5. Login to your Passport account.
    Click OK to Security  mismatch errors.

  6. Click on Options on right corner and allow  pop-ups.

  7. Click on Call Pilot link.

  8. Click on Save file.

  9. Save file to your desktop.

  10. Go to your desktop and double click on audi_enu to start the call pilot installation.
    Click on Next.

  11. Click on Audio Player  and MWI Icon.

  12. Click on Install.
    Click on Finish.
    Close the FireFox web browser.
    Then reopen it by going to  Click on My CallPilot and then click on continue:

  13. Login then click on a message to play it in the CallPilot Player.