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Call Pilot Voicemail

Windows Installation Guides for IE6

  1. Go to and then click on Login to "My CallPilot".

  2. Click OK to any security warning.

  3. A new window will pop up with the following Security Alert screen.  Please click Yes to proceed.

    If you are at home you will get another screen which requires your Passport Login.

    Another security alert will pop up.

  4. An Information Bar message will appear asking you to enable Pop up.

  5. Click on this bar to Always allow pop-up.

  6. The following login screen will appear.  Enter you voicemail box number and your voicemail  password.

  7. Click on here to initiate call pilot installation  process.

  8. Click on Download Installer.

  9. Right click on the tool bar and click on Install ActiveX Control.

  10. Again click on Download Installer  and click on Install at the following prompt.

  11. Now click on the Phone icon to active the control.

    Then click on Begin Install on the above window to start the installation.
  12. Installation of Call Pilot Player.
    Click next on first screen:

  13. Select Auto Player and MWI Icon.

  14. Click Install.

  15. Click Finish.

    This will install a Phone icon on the system tray near clock
  16. Now go back to the browser and log out of call pilot before using the Call Pilot.
    Close all the browser windows.
    Open a new browser window.
    Click on Tools - Internet Options - Delete cookies.

  17. Click on OK.
    Click OK again to close Internet Options.
    Close the browser windows and reopen to go to
    After you login you should see the embedded Call Pilot player in your Inbox view.