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Telephone Problems

Telephone Problems

Before you call the Help Line (44357), please check the following.

Telephone Problem

Check the following...

Telephone Set is Dead

Unplug all phone cords and re-establish connections. All lights on the set should flash. If the set remains dead, report the problem to the HelpLine at 44357.

No Dial-Tone

No dial-tone when handset is lifted: put handset back in cradle, press line button. If there is a dial-tone, then you have a bad handset or cord. Try another handset or cord; if unsuccessful, report to Help Line 44357.

Error Tone

If you hear a high-low warble you have waited too long after lifting your receiver to dial; or made a mistake while keying in a feature; or attempted to use a feature not assigned to your set.

Pick Feature Problems

An attempt to pick another call will fail if tried at the point when the extension is system forwarding. If this is not the case, report the problem to the Help Line 44357.

No Ringing

If your telephone is not ringing, then check the volume control at the bottom of your phone.

Hunt-Distribution Group Problems

Extensions that are members of a hunt-distribution group should not forward calls to each other. If it is done, callers will receive a constant busy signal. Users in hunt-distribution groups should use Make busy to remove their extension from the hunt-distribution group.

System Forwarding

Extensions that forward to a specific target after four rings: A caller dialing an extension is sent to a target after four rings which in turn is busy. The extension will continue to ring and will not forward if the target is busy.

Static on Calls

Does the phone have static? If so, try new cord or handset. If problem continues have the set replaced by calling Help Line 44357.

Outside Line Problems

Is it just one office or area code you cannot dial? Did you get the error tone? If so then the telephone system requires software input of the office or area code that you cannot dial. Call the Help Line 44357.

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