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Monthly Rates and Services Charges

Monthly Rates and Service Charges


Service Monthly Charge
Analog Line (Fax/Alarm) $ 44.15
Digital single line telephone $ 38.50
Digital single line telephone with speaker/hands-free ability $ 55.85
Digital multi line telephone $124.20
Digital multi line telephone with speaker/hands-free ability $141.55
Digital multi line 16-Button $176.65
Digital multi line 16-Button with speaker/hands-free ability $194.00
E911 charge on all telephone/lines $ 0.25
DID (Direct in dial number) $ 7.00
Voice Mail (25 minutes of messaging) $ 9.00
Voice Mail (over 25 minutes of messaging) $20.75
Automatic Call Distribution $200.00
Call processing-entry point $ 78.80
Call processing-each additional step $ 26.25

Service Charges

Installation and relocation of telephone/fax/alarm service

With existing jack/cable $72.90
New jack/cable required $164.40
Installation of voice mail      $37.00
Telephone software changes $18.50
Installation of Automatic Call Distribution $72.90
Name changes, password resets, disconnection No Charge
Telephone training $72.90

Note: An administration charge of $18.50 applies to all orders


Meet Me Conference Calls

Per session
(exludes any collect calls accepted) 



Head Sets

Call for pricing.



Data Cable and Fibre

Category VI wiring installation $275.00
Fibre installation Call for pricing
Data Jack conversion $25.00   
Note: An administration charge of $18.50 applies to all orders

Vandalism and Thefts

Department/user is responsible for replacement costs (price to be determined)

PLUS service charge $72.90
PLUS administration charge $18.50      

Telecommunications / Telecom York
Administrative Services: 416-736-2100, X44357
Location: 016 Steacie Science and Engineering Building

Residential Services: 416-736-5611, X55611
Location: WSC Computing Commons