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York Atlas

About YorkAtlas
YorkAtlas is an online directory that allows users to search for information about individuals and organization units associated with York University.

Who is eligible
The YorkAtlas database includes:

  • students with active computing accounts
  • employees with York email accounts or campus phone numbers
  • York departments and campus organizations
  • York retirees (by request)
  • individuals associated with York but not employed by the University

Data included
Employees and associated personnel are identified in YorkAtlas by individual names, email addresses and department affiliation. Other employee data includes job title, campus location and campus telephone number.

Students are identified by their Commonly Known As names, as recorded in the Student Information System, and by their primary email addresses, as listed in "Manage My Services" (previously MAYA").

Retirees provide email addresses when they request inclusion in YorkAtlas.

YorkAtlas department data includes department name, campus location, phone, fax, email, and voice mail.

Updating data
York's Department Telephone Designates use an online update program to make changes and additions to data for employees, associated personnel and University departments. To change your data, please contact the telephone designate for your unit. Employee data updates are processed nightly.

Student requests for changes are done in person at the Registrar's Office or electronically via the Student Access System, which is available only in the West Office Building. Student data changes are processed each weekend.

A daily feed from "Manage My Services" updates the email addresses for accounts on central computing systems.

Retirees send change data to the Telephone Designates of their former departments.

Telecommunications / Telecom York
Administrative Services: 416-736-2100, X44357
Location: 016 Steacie Science and Engineering Building

Residential Services: 416-736-5611, X55611
Location: WSC Computing Commons