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Fit is a meditation on the self-evolving capacity of humans. In the codifying fixation of the latter half of the twentieth century, we wished for our genetic potential to be larger than the self, to transcend it and to give it purpose. But the self is a particular condition, its genetic "totipotentiality" is meaningless without expression in the specific and the unique.

Fit shows a "dancing" DNA molecule, an animation of a DNA strand, that has the mutely authoritative weight of advanced science, benign but unquestionable. To try and decipher it subjectively meant to imagine a condition of pure possibility, a state of grace in which any choice of expression of self would be the optimal one. This led me to represent the outcome of "evolutionary choice" as a sign overload in both image and word: the individuation of a state of absolute potential is inevitably contaminated not by power or competition but by the problem of its meaning.

This work does put forward a political position though, one that is counter to the ideology of optimization that underlies choice in our media saturated culture, and counter also to the idea of solving the "mystery of life."