The following is a list of collectively chosen characteristics and information about a fictional character named Ashley. The list is common to all seven performance groups. The Ashley Profile was designed as a starting point for ideas to create the character of Ashley. Not all of these given circumstances needed to be apparent, discussed or mentioned in the piece, but none of them could be contradicted.


Ashley Profile

March 8th, 2008

Ashley is not a York student.

Ashley is a dog person.

Ashley is 21-years-old.

Ashley speaks two languages. English is a second language.

Ashley has an extraordinary special skill.

Ashley belongs to a group or organization.

Ashley is a Gemini.

Ashley doesn't live with family.

Ashley is in a committed relationship.

Ashley has a phobia.

Ashley carries a memento.

Ashley has a recurring dream.

Dramaturg's Notes

The Original Concept

The Ashley Plays: Hide and Seek is a cycle of site specific work, which occurs in real time and place. These monodramas were to be located at York University, during the same time slot in which you were to witness them, from 12:30 p.m -1:30 p.m., on  March 8th. However, for the characters in the plays, it is the year 1992. This collectively chosen date allows exploration of the near past, and offers a filter for our perspective on today.

The playwrights of Theatre 4290 each created a piece about a character named Ashley, though they themselves might not be representing Ashley. As a collective, a profile of Ashley was created, indicating certain characteristics of Ashley, which could not be contradicted. The playwrights were each assigned a specific site to be their character's locale as well as their performance space. The elements of each site inspired different characters and stories about Ashley.

Surprisingly, each play, although created separately, shares common themes. Each Ashley is experiencing a life-changing moment, which wracks them all with both hope and despair. The result is seven distinct visions of Ashley who are linked not only through time and shared profile, but also though a shared moment where each Ashley, either literally or figuratively, is standing on a precipice.


The Storm Stayed Concept

As with all site specific work, often the challenge, or indeed the opportunity, comes from the many unexpected twists and turns of fate. This was especially so with The Ashley Plays: Hide and Seek. On the day of the performance, March, 8th 2008, the playwrights had to perform solo, with found audience, where ever they were in the city of Toronto, at 1pm.

This happened because of a major blizzard that hit the city of Toronto, shutting down businesses and institutions, including York University where this cycle was to have been performed for a live audience.

So we have added a new element to this Ashley profile: Ashley is storm-stayed.

In response to this evolution of the cycle, we decided to share our Ashley with audiences virtually. The photographs are primarily aftermath shots, as the winds that gusted up to 80 km per hour had died down and the 40 cm of snow was starting to melt…

Site # 1: Back Stairwell
Some Sort of Something

Written by Andrew Gaboury


Site # 2: Couches
New Age Development

Written by Sylvia Vuong


Site # 3:  Front Stairwell
Clear To Go

Written by Victoria Kucher

Site # 4: Lockers

Written by Michael Arajs

Site # 5: Back Hallway

Written by Karen Balcome


Site # 6: Dressing Rooms
Her Smile

Written by Susan Stover


Dramaturgs: M. Hague, and Megan Selinger
Conception and Direction: Professor Judith Rudakoff

The Ashley Plays was conceived by Judith Rudakoff
and is a project of the THEA4290 Playwriting & New Play Dramaturgy students.

Special Thanks | Chris Burns | Alexis Buset | Andrew Cheng Edward Ciantar | Taylor Graham | Tom Hodgson | Carla Johnston Shawn Kerwin | Naomi Krajden | Michael Lorsch | Michael Lyons Nicole Ratjen