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In 2009, the Academic Integrity Tutorial was substantially revised as a result of an assessment by the Working Group on Academic Integrity: Vivienne Monty, Chair and members: Robert Kenedy, Kim Michasiw, Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Susan Warwick, Rod Webb, Paula Wilson, and Ros Woodhouse.

The Group wishes to express a special thank you to Sarah Coysh, E-Learning Librarian, Bibliothèque Leslie Frost Library, Glendon, for the development of the content and organization of the new tutorial. The Group also wishes to thank Mitchelle D'Souza for her work in mounting the tutorial.

The original Academic Integrity Tutorial was developed by Olivia Petrie and Cheryl Dickie. In creating that project they are indebted to Cheryl Ruggerio, at the Department of English, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, who originally developed the Plagiarism and Honor System Module at Virginia Tech. The original tutorial was based on that model.

Yueh-Chin Ma helped with online testing of the revised tutorial. Additionally, the advice and feedback of Julia S. Shin Doi and Joanna Rainbow were central to the completion of the project.

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