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The answer is check mark Yes.

In this example it is clear that the main idea and line of reasoning came from Professor Foot's research, and not the writer's. The passage begins with a signal phrase to indicate that someone else's idea is being used, and ends with a citation so that the reader can easily locate the original source of the information. In addition, the full reference of the source will be included in the bibliography.

The signal phrase is shown in {green text with curly brackets}. The citation is shown in (blue text with parentheses).

{In his book, Boom, Bust & Echo 2000 (1998), David Foot observes} that Canadian society is changing dramatically from a mainly young society to one that's middle-aged. He predicts that this shift will alter the nature of retail as consumers are becoming more interested in dealing with stores that offer quality products and service rather than those offering lower prices (109-110).

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