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The answer is check mark Yes.

In this example, Professor Foot's ideas are used to illustrate a larger theme. The author and the source of the information are provided as a context for the idea being discussed, and the reader can easily locate the original material. Quotation marks are used around "predominantly middle-aged society," a phrase drawn directly from the original text. In this example, as in the one above, the full citation will be included in the reference page at the end of the paper.

References to the author are shown here in {green text with curly brackets}. The source of the information is shown in [blue text with square brackets], and in the citation in parentheses at the end. Note the direct quotation shown in red inside quotation marks.

Experts have been forecasting shifts in the Canadian retail market for some time now. {David K. Foot, for example, predicted in 1998} that at the beginning of the new millennium bargain basement retailers are going to have a tougher time competing for their market share than those that offer quality products. {In his book,} [Boom, Bust and Echo,] {Professor Foot} attributes this shift to the fact that Canada is changing to a "predominantly middle-aged society" where the majority of consumers will favour quality and service over price (109-110).

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