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Ideas & Notes for Faculty

Ideas and Notes for Faculty Members

  • light bulbIdeas for Assignments: How can the Academic Integrity Tutorial be meaningfully and effectively integrated into a course? Here is an Idea Bank for Integrating the Academic Integrity Tutorial into Courses.

  • Instructions for Students: Many faculty members have expressed an interest in making The Academic Integrity Tutorial part of a required class assignment. To this end, we offer Instructions for Your Students. Please feel free to print this page as a handout, or to copy and revise it as necessary.

  • Getting the Results: Students can print out the results page of their successful quiz to hand in as proof of having completed the tutorial.

  • Checklist: students can print out this page (or it can be included in your syllabus) as proof that students have reflected on Academic Integrity before submitting their assignment.

  • Authentication: The results page shows the Passport York ID and the real name of the student who logged in to take the quiz. You can compare the printed copy of the results page to your class list.

  • Online Tracking & Reporting: In addition to requiring students to hand in the printed results page, you can arrange to get a report for your course [new window].