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Ideas for Integrating the Academic Integrity Tutorial into Courses

light bulbHere are some quick and easy ideas for using the Academic Integrity Tutorial to broaden your discussions of the issues around academic honesty in your course and to highlight the expectations you have for students with respect to plagiarism and cheating.

In-class activities:

  • Class discussion: Examine portions of the tutorial in class (i.e., case studies)

  • Fishbowl: Structure a fishbowl discussion around possible scenarios that might challenge a students' ability to uphold academic integrity in the context of your course

  • Exemplars: Show samples of student work that demonstrate acceptable citation practices and discuss how it effectively improves the work

  • Debate: Structure a debate around the kinds of pressures that might lead one to cheat

  • One sentence summaries: Ask students to write a one sentence summary of the key message in the tutorial

Assignment ideas:

  • Honour code: Have students print out their test results and sign them as their commitment to maintain academic integrity (great idea used by E. Hopkins, English), and/or ask them to hand in their test results page along with their first paper

  • Group work: Have students complete the tutorial in small groups and have each group prepare a brief review of the process and how it applies in the context of your course and its assignments

  • Quiz question: Have students prepare an additional quiz question for the tutorial

  • Applied examples: Have students prepare their own example from the readings in the course (i.e. common knowledge vs facts requiring citation).

  • Peer review: Have students review a peer's assignment to ensure that proper citation practices have been applied.


Thanks to the participants at the annual Society for Teaching & Learning Conference, STLHE 2004, for their assistance in getting this Idea Bank started!