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What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial? » Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for The Academic Integrity Tutorial

Web Browser

  • You must have Javascript enabled in your web browser in order to do some of the exercises and to take the quiz.

Passport York ID & Password

  • If you do not yet have a Passport York ID, you can activate one online using Manage My Services.

Increasing and decreasing the font on your browser

To increase the font on your browser
(Windows) Ctrl +         (Mac) Command +

To decrease the font on your browser
(Windows) Ctrl -          (Mac) Command -


  • You will need to print the quiz results for your instructor and for your own records.
  • Print several copies of the quiz results page. The quiz does not allow you to look up your previous attempts--printing extra copies for yourself will save you having to do the quiz again if it is required in any of your other classes.

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