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What is Academic Integrity? » Key Points of York's Policy on Academic Honesty

The Key Points of York's Policy on Academic Honesty

York's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty affirms and clarifies the general obligation for all members of the University to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty.

In particular, the policy:

  • Recognizes the general responsibility of all faculty members to foster acceptable standards of academic conduct and of students to be mindful of and abide by such standards;
  • Defines the types of conduct that are regarded as offences against the standards of academic honesty, including plagiarism, cheating, impersonation, and other forms of academic misconduct;
  • Defines the penalties that can be imposed on a student who is found to have committed plagiarism or any other form of academic misconduct;
  • Outlines the procedures for dealing with students who are accused of violating the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty.

**Note: a lack of familiarity with the Senate Policy cannot be used as a defence by those accused of academic misconduct.

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