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York's Policy on Academic Honesty » Penalties for Plagiarism

Range of Penalties for Plagiarism

When verified, violations of academic honesty may lead to the following penalties – imposed singly or in combination depending on the severity of the offence:

  • Written disciplinary warning or reprimand
  • Required completion of an academic honesty assignment
  • Make-up assignment, examination or rewriting a work, subject to a lowered grade
  • Lower grade on the assignment, examination or work
  • Lower grade in the course
  • Failure in the course
  • Permanent grade of record
  • Notation on transcript
  • Suspension from the University
  • Expulsion from the University
  • Withholding or rescinding a York degree, diploma or certificate

If the offence is a second or subsequent one for the student, or is in combination with another offence, the Senate Policy recommends consideration of a severe penalty.

For further information on the penalties for academic misconduct, please see York's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty.

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