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The Tyndall Project continues to seek John Tyndall's correspondence in repositories all over the world. If you have information about the location of letters to or from John Tyndall, please contact:

Dr. James Elwick
Science and Technology Studies Department
311 Bethune College, York University
4700 Keele St., Toronto, Canada M3J1P3
416.736.2100 xt 33923

Project History

The John Tyndall Correspondence Project was initiated by Bernard Lightman, Professor in the Division of Humanities at York University. The project has expanded to include scholars from many other academic institutions around the world. The goal of the project is two-fold. First, we will publish a one-volume calendar of the correspondence of the Victorian physicist John Tyndall (1820-1893) and issue his collected correspondence, both in print (an expected twelve to fourteen volumes) and, eventually, in an accessible, searchable, on-line format. The correspondence is expected to number just over 6000 items both to and from Tyndall. Second, we hope to galvanize a community of scholars at varied stages in their careers, from graduate students to postdoctoral researchers to senior scholars, around themes raised through an intense study of John Tyndall's correspondence. These themes include the relationship between science and religion, the popularization and professionalization of science, and advances in physics, glaciology, climatology, and spontaneous generation, each of which individually and collectively played fundamental roles in the development of modern science. The project will draw on the expertise of scholars from five countries that specialize in the history and philosophy of Victorian science and technology, and it will incorporate graduate and undergraduate education along with the training of postdoctoral researchers. The size and variety of the archive encourages us to formulate new way of undertaking historical research. What we propose is a unique, international, collaborative project that will provide scholars with an important resource that is currently difficult to access.

The project was awarded generous grants from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), primarily to obtain, digitalize, and transcribe the Tyndall letters. For more information on the Mellon grant, click here, and for more information on the NSF grant, click here. The SSHRC Partnership Development Grant provided funding for transcribing, and also made it possible to develop the editorial principles and the manuscripts for the first three volumes.

News Announcements

Project Participants

York University: Professor
Bernard Lightman, James Elwick, Melinda Baldwin, Steve Bunn, Mark C. Ambrogio, Matthew Kaufman, Rachel Mason Dentinger, Alexandra Jocic, Julie Goriounov, Shannon Higson, Alan Mark, Sheri Repucci, Tatyana Shestakov, Efram Sera Shriar, and Kylie Stasila.

Past participants: Marcella Agustina, Jenn Bazar, Justin Derry, Poonam Bhalla, Chris Grafos, Rajeshkumar Macwan, Alicia Grudzinskas, Bernty Isopp, Matthew Kirshenblatt, Nedra Rodrigo, Matthew Hyland, Cynthia Klinowski, Martin Parrot, Fiona Stewart, Christina Sulmona, Val Strawczynski, Mary Sunderland, Amy Teitel, Raymond Paglicauan, Adrian Dimoff, David Zylberberg, Michael Ainsworth, Micah Anshan, James Finkelstein, Trinley Gongya, Joseph Oryshak, Evan Radford, and Noa Yaari.

Montana State University: Professor Michael Reidy, Joshua Howe, Jerry Jessee, Craig Townsend, and Dan Zizzamia (past participants: Michael D. Barton, Robin Patten, Estella Terrazas, Alexandre Manigault, Michael Conrad, Shannon Zera, and Jake Rubow).

Aberystwyth University: Professor Iwan Rhys Morus and Jeannie Warmington.

Arizona State: Professor John Lynch, Ashley Klott, and Amy Shira Teitel (past participant: James Lippard).

University of Auckland (NZ): Professor Ruth Barton, Stephen Sequeira, and Jeremiah Rankin (past participants: Louis Gerdelan).

Brock University: Professor Elizabeth Neswald, Monika Pries-Klassen, and Stacey Lea Harford (past participant: Kenneth Corbett).

University of Cambridge: Professor Simon Schaffer and Geoff Belknap.

University of Exeter: Professor Richard Noakes and Ben Carver.

Royal Dublin Society: Ian Elliott.

University of Leeds: Professor Graeme Gooday, Efram Sera Shriar (now at York), James Stark, Michael Finn, Dominic Berry, Mark Steadman, Thomas Brouwer, Jonathan Everett, and Adam Peardon.

University of Leicester: Professor Gowan Dawson and Nazia Parveen.

New York University: Professor Matthew Stanley and Eric Adamson (past participants: Zach Meisel).

University of Oklahoma: Professor Piers Hale (past participants: Sarah Swenson and Kate Sheppard).

Trinity College Dublin: Miguel De Arce.

Tyndall Committee and Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society: Norman McMillan and Martin Nevin.