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Undergraduate Political Science Council

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Welcome to the official club page for the Undergraduate Political Science Council (UPSC) at York University.


We are committed to ensuring the active participation of York University students in various political science affairs and activities that take place both on and off of campus. York University hosts one of the most dynamic and diverse Political Science Departments in all of Canada and North America;  specializing in streams that focus on Public Policy and Administration, Global Political Studies, and International Development. I feel that it is the duty of the UPSC to bridge the link between scholarly studies and extracurricular activities.


The UPSC hosts a variety of events each year that are intended to address the interests and needs of political science students, such as conferences, movie nights, networking socials, trips....etc. We also host guest speakers, current former and emerging political, public servants and business leaders to provide us the words of wisdom and knowledge on how to better our world. Our intention is for students to expand their network of friends and to engage in discussions of a political nature.  Senior level students are encouraged to mentor and provide advice to first and second year students on course selection, concepts, post-graduate information, and other important matters.  Political Science is a difficult and involved major so the more friends you have to rely on, the better you will perform. 


Many of the UPSC Executives and Councilors are contributing members of current political parties, clubs, and organizations.  Students are often invited to events where valuable networking takes place.  Through joining the UPSC you will be opening up a wealth of opportunities that will guide you in your future and academic career.  If you are an undergraduate student who is looking to understand the exciting world of politics, then be sure to join the Undergraduate Political Science Council.


Political Science is much more than a major.  It is a multi-faceted career option and networking forum that is exciting, challenging and rewarding.  A wide spectrum of careers exists for those who pursue a career in political science and politics. Many political science graduates have continued to show great success in Canada’s Municipal, Provincial and Federal Public Service sector such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Department of Defense (DND).  Some York political science graduates have gone on to serve in Canadian Embassies, the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations.  


Feel free to stop by during our office hours at 168 McLaughlin College (after Country Style, by the stairs) or email us to find out how you can become involved. Also, join us on Facebook (York UPSC) as new members and fresh ideas are always welcome.



Last Updated: November 2012

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