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Division of Students

Application and Process

Applications for the Scholarships must be filed online through the website for the Rhodes Trust: Those candidates who are awarded with an official University endorsement letter will be provided with an authorization code to uload their documents to the online Rhodes Scholarship application process. The deadline for receipt of completed applications is no later than October 16, 2015. Late submissions will not be considered. As part of the on-line application process, applicants must provide personal contact details and all of the following information:

  1. A photocopy of an official birth certificate and, where needed, an English translation. In the case of candidates born outside of Canada, evidence of being domiciled in Canada will be required. (Successful candidates will be required to produce their original certificate at the interview.)
  2. A written Statement from the President or Vice-Provost, Students of York University endorsing your candidacy for the Scholarship. The endorsement letter should be sent directly by the University to the Secretary of the Regional Selection Committee.
  3. An official transcript certified by the Registrar's Office of the courses of study you have taken together with the grades (showing, if possible, the number of students and your rank in each year of your course).
  4. A factual list of principal activities and honours while in College or University (including scholarships, prizes, awards, offices held, athletic record and extra-curricular interests and activities) with dates.
  5. A statement of your general interests and activities, your proposed course of study at Oxford and your present intentions as to your future career. This statement should not exceed 1,000 words in length. Selection committees will place special emphasis on it and it will be sent to Oxford Colleges to which successful candidates apply for admission.
  6. References: The names and contact details of six referees who will provide information regarding the applicant's qualifications. Professional or institutional affiliation, mailing address, email address, and telephone number must be included for all referees. At least three of these referees should be persons under whom the applicant has studied at University and at least four should comment upon the applicant's academic preparation and scholastic achievements. The candidates will be required to register the names and contact information of their referees on the online application. The Rhodes Scholarship Trust will then contact the referees and provide them with instruction on how to submit their reference letters.

    NOTE: Once a candidate has registered referee details in their online application, the Rhodes Trust will email referees to advise them how to submit their letters of appraisal online. Reference letters must be received no later than October 16, 2015. To prepare referees for the arrival of an email requesting a reference, candidates should print out and give their referees the instructions regarding letters of appraisal provided in The Rhodes Memorandum for Candidates as soon as possible.
  7. A digital or scanned photograph. This should be a head and shoulders colour photograph of good quality, and of sufficient resolution to be printed at postcard size.
  8. After being chosen as a Scholar-elect, candidates will be required to submit a medical certificate duly signed by a physician on a form that will be provided to successful applicants.

Last date for application to be received in the Office of the Vice Provost Students: September 7, 2015
Last date for applications to be submitted online to the Rhodes Scholarship Selection Communitee: October 16, 2015.

N.B. All application materials for unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed after the selection process is complete. Documents will not be returned unless specifically requested by the applicant.


If you have any questions about applying to the Rhodes Scholarship, please contact the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students at