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Security and the World Community Grid

How will York University participate?

York University will participate in the grid using only computers in a CNS managed computer lab during periods when there are no active users on the system. Individual users can freely participate on their own computers and still attribute their contributions in points or results returned to the York University research team.

Because of the security and privacy issues inherent in placing an agent onto a computer, the World Community Grid agent should not be installed on certain computers. These include computers that hold student records, human resources information, health information, financial information, contracts, human subject or other ethically regulated information, critical research data, proprietary information, or law enforcement information should not be used in conjunction with the WCG

Why are there limitations to York's participation?

The World Community Grid encrypts and transfers the contents of files back to their centralized host. However, there is no way to verify that the files leaving the system are only the ones that are work product files. York University will participate in World Community Grid by piloting installation of the "agent" onto a select group of York University owned computers in a CNS-managed computer lab environment and continue to evaluate broader university launch.

The World Community Grid provides limited security safeguards. Although the World Community Grid is an important endeavour, York University must continue to protect its network and computing/information resources. York University must maintain the confidentiality and privacy of many types of information. York University must also ensure that its computing resources are protected against data corruption.

What information security safeguards has the World Community Grid provided?

Current safeguards include:

World Community Grid is considering additional safeguards including:

Will York University participate more fully in the future?

Any increased participation by York University will be consistent with policies, procedures, regulations of York University.