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Exhibition - Justin Heyman: "1+1=3"

Nov 5, 2012 to Nov 16, 2012, 10-4PM

Fourth-year visual arts student Justin Heyman's photo-based exhibition 1+1=3 superimposes conflicting dualities, testing the supposed boundaries of what we consider to be truth.

In contrast to Andre Bazin's writings about the objectivity of photography -- claiming that  “Whatever the objections of our critical faculties, we are obliged to believe in the existence of the object represented” -- Heyman argues that even in its utilitarian infancy the photograph has always held a certain subjective quality. The industrialization of photography gave way to an explosion of portraiture: a method used not only to cement the subject’s physical likeness, but also to exhibit personal illusions of power and grandeur.

Justin Hayman: Still Life and Zeiss
Digital photo-based image. 24.5” x 34” (2012)

Through the growing popularity of digital media we are once again witnessing change at an industrial level. Using portraiture and still life imagery as a link between then and now,  Heyman seeks to create predominantly subjective images that provoke a sense of humorous discomfort, forcing the viewer to stretch his or her notions of 'truth'.

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday, 10:30am - 4:00pm

Admission is free and all are welcome

More Info:

Location:Gales Gallery, Accolade West Building, York University, 4700 Keele St.
Sponsor:Department of Visual Art and Art History, Faculty of Fine Arts
Posted by:Frances Tee
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