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Manager U: Introduction To Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MUMAP1)

Nov 12, 2012, 9-2PM

Audience: Available to CPM managers enrolled in the Manager U Program.
In this fast moving world of business and organizational management knowing your strengths and areas for improvement as a manager are crucial to your development. The Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP) is the leading assessment of managerial competencies used worldwide in both the private and public sectors where it provides you the guidance on where you need to improve in order to become a more effective manager. 
MAP is a four-hour, powerful video driven assessment that provides an objective measure of 12 fundamental managerial competencies as well as managerial, personal and communication styles.
In this workshop participants will be able to:
  • Describe the core generic management competencies
  • Describe the benefits of completing the assessment tool
  • Complete the on-line MAP assessment which will be interpreted at a later session

Location:Schulich Building S235
Sponsor:L&OD and Employee Relations Office
Posted by:Alya Naqvi
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