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Assembling nature & citizenship in Latin America

Nov 7, 2012, 1:30-3PM

To mark the recent release of the book, Environment and Citizenship in Latin America: Natures, Subjects and Struggles, join us as we host one of the book’s editors, Centre for Research on Latin America & the Caribbean (CERLAC) Associate Fellow Alex Latta, for a talk emerging from the central themes of the collection.

Drawing on the contributions to the book, as well as related literature and his own research, Latta will explore the ways nature becomes constituted as a resource, an object of knowledge, a target of governance and a focus for political struggle in Latin America. How are human political subjectivities simultaneously implied, activated, contested and reinvented in these constitutive moments, spaces and processes?

Beyond a concern for the rights and responsibilities of “environmental citizens”, the talk will reach for a conception of citizenship that is fundamentally relational across dynamic assemblages of human and non-human elements. Latta is a professor in the Department of Global Studies and the Balsillie School of International affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University. His research considers the politics of water, energy and environmental justice in Latin America, with a recent focus on conflicts over hydroelectric development in Chile.

Location:280A York Lanes
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