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2012 Asia Lecture -- International Labour Recruitment in China

Nov 5, 2012, 2:30-5PM

Xiang Biao, a social anthropologist from the University of Oxford, gives this annual lecture on International Labour Recruitment, Transnational Governance & State-Citizen Relations in China. He will trace how commercial labor recruiters gain a dominant position in cultivating, facilitating and controlling migration. These intermediaries render themselves indispensable both for migrating workers and for the states seeking to make order from migration. The intermediary trap is thus more dynamic and complex than a simple “capture” by identifiable interest groups and is deeply implicated in changing state-citizen relations in China. Rooted in Chinese and other Asian states’ agenda to liberalize socioeconomic life without compromising sovereign power, the intermediary trap may become a worldwide phenomenon with the resurgence of state power alongside a continuing neoliberal hegemony beyond Asia. 

Biao has conducted extensive field research on migration and social change in China, India and Australia. His work includes ethnographic studies of migrant communities in Beijing (Transcending Boundaries, Brill, 2005) and Indian migrant professionals (Global Body Shopping, Princeton, 2007). His forthcoming book (Making Order from Transnational Mobility, Princeton) is the result of four years of field research in China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and examines the transnational governance of labor mobility in East Asia.

Reception at 2:30pm, lecture at 3pm. All are welcome.

Location:519 York Research Tower
Sponsor:York Centre for Asian Research
Posted by:York Centre for Asian Research
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