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Contested Indigenousness in Urban Art Images in Hong Kong

Nov 21, 2012, 12:30-2:30PM

Hong Kong is commonly recognized as a city of hybrid visual culture where various elements of “Chineseness” and “Westernness” are adapted for the local needs. The forms, techniques and intentions involved in urban art images are continuously contested between the local and international creators. Based on fieldwork in the summer of 2012, which involved the collection of hundreds of photographs and in-depth interviews with the creators of urban art images in Hong Kong, University of Helsinki postdoctoral researcher Minna Valjakka will analyze what indigenous features are visible in these urban art images? This talk will provide insights on how levels of transculturality are negotiated and what the challenges are in creating urban art.

Location:857 York Research Tower
Sponsor:York Centre for Asian Research
Posted by:York Centre for Asian Research
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