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What are York Students Saying About Their Health?

Nov 14, 2012, 12:30-1:30PM

Leah State is the Coordinator of Health Education and Promotion. Her work focuses on collaborating with campus stakeholders to make York University a healthier place to live, work, and learn. She is the former chair of the Health Promotion Section of the Ontario University and College Health Association, a founding member of the Toronto Association of Health Promotion in Higher Education and a proud York alumni. She is currently continuing her studies at York in the School of Social Work.

True or false, 60 per cent of York students don't drink, 75 per cent of York students have felt overwhelmed in the past 12 months and 55 per cent are 'gettin busy'? Curious to know the answers? So were we! In the Spring of 2009, York University participated in the National College Health Assessment, a national research effort organized by the American College Health Association to assist universities in collecting data about their students’ habits, behaviours and perceptions, on a range of topics, including alcohol use, sexual health, nutrition, mental health, injury prevention and personal safety.

This session will engage participants in exploring the idea of health and how it can be incorporated into the life of a busy student on the go! It will also explore the perceptions we all have about what our fellow students are doing, and the reality of what they actually are doing. Finally, it will highlight some of the initiatives the University is taking to ensure the health of York students.

Location:The Renaissance, 001 Vanier College
Sponsor:Office of the Master, Vanier College and Counselling and Disability Services
Posted by:Vanier College