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The Entourage Effect

Nov 30, 2012, 1:30-3PM

Brent McFerran, the Arnold M. and Linda T. Jacob Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, will deliver a talk on the entourage effect.

In his talk, McFerran will demonstrate across a series of studies conducted in both the laboratory and field that the presence of others (i.e., an entourage) alters a VIP’s personal feelings of status. Specifically, he'll show that VIPs feel higher levels of status when they are able to share preferential treatment with their entourage, even if this results in the rewards associated with the treatment becoming less scarce. He'll show that the effect is driven by an increase in feelings of connection with one’s guests, and that modest entourage sizes produce the largest effect. Several alternative explanations for the entourage effect are ruled out and implications for practice are discussed.

McFerran received his PhD in marketing in 2009 from the University of British Columbia. His research examines social and interpersonal influences in consumer behavior, specifically how the presence and actions of other consumers affect the choices we make ourselves. In addition, his work examines how social identity shapes consumption. His research has been published in leading outlets in both marketing and psychology.

Location:N201 Seymour Schulich Building, Schulich School of Business
Sponsor:Schulich School of Business Marketing Department Research Seminar
Posted by:Sheila Sinclair