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Book launch and seminar

Nov 14, 2012, 12:30-2PM

Labour lawyer Frank Luce and former Toronto labour and human rights lawyer Karen Schucher will present: The Right to Discriminate: Kenneth Bell v. Carl McKay & the Ontario Human Rights Commission, a chapter from the text Property Law on Trial: Cases in Context.

This case, the first look by the Supreme Court of Canada at the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s “iron fist in a velvet glove” approach to resolving human rights violations, introduced in the context of an emerging field of administrative law. In a case located at the intersection between the property rights of landlords and the human rights of tenants, the court relied on the since discredited administrative law doctrine of “jurisdictional fact” to overrule the commission’s approach, a result trumpeted by social forces opposed to the legislative human rights model promoted by Bora Laskin, Dan Hill and other social actors. Through the techniques of legal archeology, the paper will analyse the social context in which the case was decided, with particular attention to actors within the legal community.

Luce currently teaches in the labour studies program at York University. As the former coordinator of The Harriet Tubman Institute, he was the main organizer of the Dan Hill Symposium which gave rise to the paper co-authored with Schucher on Bell v. McKay. His current research interests are focused on contemporary labour history in Brazil and Angola. Luce completed his PhD at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2009.

Schucher now teaches in the Paralegal and Law Clerk Programs at Humber College. She is also a PhD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School, working on Canadian human rights legal history.

Everyone is invited to attend and lunch will be served.

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Location:2027 Ignat Kaneff Building, Osgoode Hall Law School
Sponsor:Osgoode Hall Law School
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