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Section: Instructions for Students

What is the Web Research Tutorial?

The Web Research Tutorial is an online tutorial designed to help you learn more about the publicly-accessible web, efficient and advanced search techniques, and the critical evaluation and documentation of results for incorporation into your course essays and projects. The tutorial includes a self-test allowing you to gauge how well you understand issues related to using the publicly-accessible web for research purposes.

Please note: To help gain all the research skills you need, including the use of printed sources and the large part of the web that is not publicly-accessible, this tutorial is best used in conjunction with the other York online tutorials available at, and at (under "HELP with RESEARCH" click on "Tutorials and guides").

Technical Requirements

To use the Web Research Tutorial, you will need the following:

Web Browser

The tutorials should be viewable by most standard web browsers, including any recent version of Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator/Navigator, or Mozilla/Firefox.

You must have Javascript enabled in your web browser, in order to do some of the exercises, and in order to take the quiz.

You must also have cookies enabled in your browser if you will be using Passport York to log in before taking the Quiz.

Passport York ID

If you are doing these tutorials for a class assignment, you will need to use your Passport York username and password to log in to take the quiz at the end. If you need help with your Passport York username and password, go online to Manage My Services (

Printer You will need a printer to print the quiz results for your instructor and for your own records.

Getting Started

Go to ? read carefully and follow the "Go to the next section" links sequentially through the pages.

Completing the Quiz

At the end of the tutorial you will be invited to do the online quiz. Be sure to follow the link to log in to take the quiz; if you don't log in, your effort will not be recorded. Detailed instructions for the quiz are available on the tutorial site.

After you take the quiz, you will be shown your results. When you score 100% on the quiz, you have completed the tutorial successfully. You can re-take the quiz as many times as needed to score 100% ? just click Try Again on the results page!

Handing In Your Quiz Results

If you are doing the quiz as part of a class assignment, print out several copies of the results page. Hand one in to your instructor, and keep the extras with your own records. This will save you having to take the quiz again if it is required for any of your other courses.

Your quiz results are also recorded by the York quiz system. Your instructor may choose to check these results online.


Thanks to the CST for the use of the Instructions for Students from the Academic for the Academic Integrity Tutorial.

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