• Walking the Walk:
    Planning a Conference that Embodies Equity and Sustainability
    Sophia Sanniti, Sarah-Louise Ruder

  • Building a Brave Economy
    Perin Ruttonsha

  • Caring not Competing:
    The Meaning and Relevance of Indigenous Economic Theory
    Ronald L. Trosper

  • Allying with Indigenous Communities:
    Reporting on a Conference Workshop for Settler Researchers
    Jen Gobby

  • Embedding Ecological Economics into the Way We Work
    Joe Mancini

  • Medicine Wheel Rendezvous
    Rosanne Van Schie

  • Regula Modlich (1939-2018) Toronto's Radical Feminist Planner
    Barbara Rahder

  • The Ottawa River by Night
    Margaret Atwood

Issue 100/101
Celebrating Economies of Change: Brave Visions for Inclusive Futures



Women & Environments International (WEI) is a unique Canadian magazine, which examines women's multiple relations to their environments - natural, built and social - from feminist and anti-racist perspectives. It has provided a forum for academic research and theory, professional practice and community experience since 1976. Produced by a volunteer Editorial Board, the magazine contributes to feminist social change.

WEI Magazine is proud to give a big congratulations to our board member Olga Speranskaya for receiving the Goldman Environmental Prize!
The Prize recognizes individuals for sustained and significant efforts to protect and enhance the natural environment. Scientist Olga Speranskaya successfully transformed the NGO community in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) into a potent, participatory force working to identify and eliminate the Soviet legacy of toxic chemicals in the environment. To learn more about the Goldman Environmental Prize and Olga's work visit www.goldmanprize.org.