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Gaye-Frances Alexander
Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs -Toronto, Ontario
Women's issues - work, aging, micro-business, co-operatives, economic security, health, developing countries, community empowerment, lifestyles, the Stephen Lewis Grandmother to Grandmother Campaign and the "ToGoGo Grannies Group" at Bloor Street United Church

Ellen Vera Allen
Architect - Toronto, Ontario
Social housing

Caroline Andrew
Professor of Political Science, University of Ottawa - Ottawa, Ontario
Women and local politics and urban development

Deborah Barndt
Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York U - Toronto, Ontario
Women, food, globalization and NAFTA, social movements, cultural production, photography

Regina Cochrane
Professor, Women's Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator, Women's Studies Program, University of Calgary - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Feminist/green political theory, ecopolitics, feminist/environmental activism in the global justice movement, environment and development

Herng-Dar Bih
Associate Professor - Taipei, Taiwan
Gender and space, men's studies, gender consciousness, feminist research methods

Gloria DeSantis
Ph.D. Candidate, Community and Population Health Research Strategic Training Fellowship, Social Justice Sessional Lecturer, Community-Based Researcher/Planner, Canadian Plains Studies, University of Regina - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Community-based research with marginal groups, participatory planning and policy development, community development and indicators, trend analyses

Kim England
Assoc. Professor of Geography, University of Washington - Seattle, Washington, United States
Women's employment, foreign domestic workers, child care, employment equity, women's health care, gendered urban landscapes

Winnie Frohn
Département d'études urbaines et touristiques, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) - Montréal, Québec, Canada
Women and city politics, services, planning and local/regional development

Stephanie Garrett
Executive Director, Women's Resource Centre, University of Calgary - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
International Women's Human Rights; Gender and Development; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Clara Greed
Professor of Inclusive Urban Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England - Bristol, United Kingdom
Oxfam, mainstreaming gender into urban planning policy and practice, the campaign for better public toilets, the changing position of women in the construction industry and built environment professions

Marie Kennedy
Professor Emerita of Community Planning, College of Public and Community Service, University of Massachusetts - Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Active with homeless and low income women and participatory, anti-racist community organizing in the U.S. and abroad

Prabha Khosla
Urban Planner - Nairobi, Kenya
governance, local governments and gender, diversity, sustainability, environment, participation, capacity building

Dr. Joan McHardy
Feminist Sociologist - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Women's health, participatory program evaluation, healthy communities, human rights, CIDA Indonesia, UN Habitat Conference

Angela Miles
Professor - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
feminist theory and movement, global feminisms, neo-liberal globalization and resistance, community education organizing and development, alternative economics.

Regula Modlich
MES Urban Planner (retired) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Women and their built environments, community livability, design, safety, housing, mobility

Barbara Rahder
Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Women & planning, women's safety, equity & social justice relating to urban services, including housing

Connie Russell, PhD
Associate Professor, Chair, Graduate Studies and Research in Education
Co-Editor, Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Ecofeminism, critical environmental education, human/animal relations, community-based conservation, academic/activist collaboration

Dr. Wendy Saunderson
School of Policy Studies, University of Ulster - Coleraine, Northern Ireland
Gender, Identity and the City: the specificity of women's relationship/identifications with urban space (as architects, town planners and users of the city)

Dina Vaiou
Professor, Urban Geography & Planning, National Technical University - Athens, Greece
Feminist perspectives in urban theory, member of European Forum of Left Feminists (Greek Chapter)


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