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Gaye-Frances Alexander
Policy Advisor, Ontario Government, Social Worker (retired) -Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Women’s issues – work, aging, co-operatives, economic security, health, developing countries, community empowerment, lifestyles, spirituality, the Stephen Lewis Grandmother to Grandmother Campaign and GRAN (Grandmothers Advocacy Network)

Caroline Andrew
Outgoing Director, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Women and local politics and urban development

Deborah Barndt
Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York U - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Women, food, globalization and NAFTA, social movements, cultural production, photography

Judith Bell
Founding member of Women & Environments magazine collective - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Women's experience of aging, community, health and housing

Herng-Dar Bih
Professor - Taipei, Taiwan
Gender and space, men’s studies, qualitative research methods, graffiti and street art

Regina Cochrane
Professor, Women's Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator, Women's Studies Program, University of Calgary – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Feminist / green political theory, ecopolitics, feminist / environmental activism in the global justice movement, environment and development

Kim England
Professor, Department of Geography, University of Washington - Seattle, Washington, United States
Women's employment, care work (including immigration and activism), intersectionality and cities, and critical social policy

Clara Greed, PhD
Emerita Professor of Inclusive Urban Planning, University of the West of England - Bristol, United Kingdom
Campaigning and research on women's public toilets (restrooms) and other very basic women's issues in cities; so I am still alive

Marie Kennedy
Professor Emerita of Community Planning, College of Public and Community Service, University of Massachusetts; President of the Board of Venice Community Housing, www.vbchcorp.org - Venice, California, United States
Active with homeless and low income women and participatory, anti-racist community organizing in the U.S. and abroad

Prabha Khosla
Feminist Urbanis - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Women's rights and gender justice, local urban governance, urban sustainability, participatory planning, climate change, capacity development on gender justice and urban governance and water and sanitation services and infrastructure researach and writing

Sherilyn MacGregor
Reader, Politics Department and Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester - Manchester, United Kingdom
Feminist/green political theory, ecological citizenship, climate change politics, gender and environmnts, feminist methods

Patricia E. (Ellie) Perkins
Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feminist ecological economics, community economic development, climate justice, commons governance, unpaid work, gender and public engagement, global feminist networking

Barbara Rahder
Professor Emerita, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Women & planning, women's safety, equity & social justice relating to urban services, including housing, theory and history

Connie Russell, PhD
Professor, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Environmental education & social justice education, gender & education, feminist pedagogy, fat studies, human/anbimal relatyions, ecofeminism

Wendy Saunderson, PhD
School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences, Ulster University, Jordanstown Campus, BT370QB, - Northern Ireland
Gender, identity and the city: the specificity of women's relationship/identifications with urban space, as architects, town planners and users of the city

Pam Sayne, PhD
Minden Hills Councillor; Owner: Know Your Home Inspections Inc.- Minden Hills, Ontario, Canada
Municipal politics, energy efficient building and renovation, climate change, community advocacy

Olga Speranskaya
IPEN Senior Policy Advisor; UNEP Champion of the Earth, 2011; The Goldman Environmental Prize recipient, 2009; first winner of the Financial Times newspaper (UK) David Thomas Prize for the environmental and geopolitical review (1995) - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Women empowerment, women and chemicals; project management

Dina Vaiou
Professor of Urban Analysis & Gender Studies, National Technical University of Athens - Athens, Greece
Feminist perspectives in urban theory, women's migrations and restructurings of care in Southern Europe


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