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"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."

This is a famous Chinese proverb that is usually used to describe the role of teachers in education. Recently, I came across this proverb again and surprisingly I see my dual identities reflected in this simple sentence.

As a university professor, I aspire to be one of the "teachers" who open doors to my students. My long-term teaching goal is to encourage students to acquire a lifelong learning skill - to be an educated open-minded citizen of the world. At the same time, I am also a learner who is still deeply attracted by the unknown behind those doors unopened by academic colleagues before me.

Ever since I started my non tenure-track full-time academic position in September 1997, I demonstrated an excellence in professional contribution and standing, teaching and service as an exceptional emerging scholar. It is the drive in my heart and the fire in my eyes that push me to be pro-active and persistent in pursuing research interests through various means, striving for innovative teaching and contributing my service to the university and community. Details of my achievements in the 3 areas: I) Teaching; II) Professional contribution and standing teaching; III) service to the university; will be stated individually under the relevant sections.

Wendy Siuyi Wong, PhD
January 2005