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Professional Contribution and Standing Statement

My goal is to become a true scholar with the research areas of expertise recognized internationally. I bring a unique set of skills and academic background to bear on an international research niche. I am an active researcher and my research area of study has a cutting edge. I have published extensively on contemporary Chinese visual cultural history and studies including graphic design, comics and advertising images. Together with these 3 thematic research areas, I landed my intellectual inquiry interest on the areas of history, cultural studies, and cross-cultural design and education in visual design. So far, I have published over 30 entries of publications in books, refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings to professional trade magazines. In the past 7 years, I have presented research papers at 22 various academic conferences and received invitations to public lectures in prestigious venues internationally.

Among my 7 single-authored scholarly journal articles, I am particularly proud of 2 of my articles published in the Journal of Design History and Design Issues, two of the top journals in the design field. According to the acceptance rate available in the Iowa Guide: Scholarly journals in mass communications and related fields, other journals that I published with have the following statistics: Journal of Popular Culture - 25%, Journal of Gender Studies - 35%, Mass Communication and Society - 15% to 20%, and Journal of Visual Literacy - 20%. They are competitive journals and I am honoured to have my articles published in these venues. <......>

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