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Service Statement

When I came to York I joined a small department, with four senior colleagues. Initially there was a lack of department level committee work opportunities but I volunteered for any jobs that had to be performed. In my first year at York, 2002-2003, I was given the task of assisting in the organization of the departmental Annual Design Show – an annual exhibition to showcase student work. In that first year, I supervised a workstudy student to complete the promotional poster and interactive interface links to the interactivity design work of students.

In 2003-2004, I was assigned to coordinate the Annual Design Show together with a colleague from Sheridan. With the experience gained from the previous year, I initiated additions to expand the traditional design show our department was used to. I added items that would help increase the visibility of our annual design show within the campus. As my home unit had moved into the TEL building in July 2003, I produced set of digital photos of printed work and a DVD of multi-media work by the students and arranged to have them displayed on the two big monitors in the TEL Building during the Show. It got immediate attention from the students who passed by the monitors and made them aware of the Show being held at the Fine Arts Building.

I also prepared both textual information and photos of student work for publicity. It resulted in the announcement of the opening of last year Design Show in the Y-file (February 20, 2004: distributed to the whole university and the public. The guest book that I prepared for the signing and comments from the visitors to the Show was highly encouraging. All comments praised the quality of the Show, individual student work and the overall quality of the design programme. The Show was highly successful and presented a new, modern image of the design programme to the audience. I am proud to deliver the assigned task successfully, going beyond the routine without demanding extra assistance from my fellow colleagues. <...>

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