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YCAR’s mandate is to foster and support research at York related to East, Southeast and South Asia, and Asian migrant communities in Canada and around the world.  The Centre aims to provide: 1) Intellectual Exchange: facilitating interaction between Asia-focused scholars at York, and between York researchers and a global community of Asia scholars; 2) Research Support: assisting in the development of external research grants, and administering such projects; 3) Graduate Training: supporting graduate student training and research by creating an interdisciplinary intellectual hub, administering a graduate diploma program, and providing financial support for graduate research; 4) Knowledge Mobilization: providing a clear public point of access to York’s collective research expertise on Asia, and ensuring the wider dissemination of York research on Asia to academic and non-academic audiences in Canada and around the world.

Promoting Equity at York University  

The opening paragraph of the YCAR Constitution states YCAR's commitment to York University policies and procedures, which includes its equity practices. For more information on equity resources at York University, click here.

YCAR strives for the representation and participation of individuals from visible minority groups and women in its activities and governance, including its Executive Committee.

For more information on special services for diverse groups at York University, visit the York Secretariat website. For more information on York's policy on religious observances, click here.    
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