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YCAR is based at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It reports to the Vice President Research & Innovation and organizes its financial, administrative, and human resources consonant with York University policies and practices. The Centre has a Director and Associate Director, as well as an Executive Committee and an Annual General Meeting of members.

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The Director is appointed on a fixed term to provide overall leadership and academic direction for the Centre. S/he has day-to-day administrative responsibility for the Centre including its staff, financial operations, fundraising, promotion, and programmes. S/he drafts the annual report, budget, and program plans for presentation to the Executive Committee for input and approval. S/he organizes the Annual General Meeting and assists Principal Investigators in carrying out their projects. In addition, the Director, as a leader in the field, is expected to be engaged in research projects. The Director is selected according to university practices and procedures. The Executive Committee, in consultation with the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation, selects Centre representatives to serve on the Search Committee for the Director. The current Director is Philip F. Kelly.

Associate Director

The Associate Director assists the Director in administering the work at the Centre. S/he also serves as the Director’s deputy in his/her absence. The Executive Committee appoints the Associate Director, with corresponding advice from the Director. The current Associate Director is Shubhra Gururani.

Executive Committee

The Committee is chaired by the Director (ex officio) and is made up of the Associate Director (ex officio); four other faculty members; a fifth member, who may be a York faculty member or a faculty member from another university or another person external to York who would make a useful contribution to the work of the Centre; and three Graduate Associates, with two voting as elected by the Graduate Associates of the Centre. The Director may also appoint administrative staff of the Centre to the Executive Committee as non-voting ex officio members.

Members (2012.2013)

Philip F. Kelly, YCAR Director (ex-officio)
Shubhra Gururani, YCAR Associate Director, GDAS Coordinator
B. Michael Frolic, Director, Asian Business and Management Programme; Political Science (ex-officio)
Ali Kazimi, Film
Ann H. Kim, Sociology
Janice Kim, History
Jean Michel Montsion, International Studies, Glendon College
Máire O’Brien, Director, ABMP Training Division (ex-officio)
Alicia Turner, Humanities
Regina Lam, YCAR Graduate Associate representative, PhD Candidate in Music
Vanessa Lamb, YCAR Graduate Associate representative, PhD Candidate in Geography
Kasim Tirmizey, YCAR Graduate Associate representative, PhD Candidate in Environmental Studies

The Executive Committee meets regularly, at least twice per academic term, to make all major decisions affecting the Centre. These include:

a) final approval of the annual report (including the Centre budget) presented by the Director and the Associate Director following consultation with Centre Associates in the Annual General Meeting;
b) approval of nominees for Faculty Associate, Research Associate, Senior Research Associate, Post-Doctoral Associate and Graduate Associate;
c) scrutinizing and approval of the reports and budgets of all Centre projects and programmes and all projects or programmes of Centre Associates that are administered by or through the Centre; and
d) approval of projects or programmes seeking affiliation with the Centre.

Four members of the Executive Committee constitute a quorum. Where a consensus cannot be reached, a vote is called with a decision normally requiring the approval of a simple majority of those members present and voting.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Centre associates is normally held in April.
The objectives of the meeting are:

a) to discuss and refer back to the Executive Committee for final approval the annual report of the Centre, including the current fiscal year's budget to date and the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year;
b) to discuss and ratify the nominees for membership on the Executive Committee in the coming academic year; and
c) to discuss and ratify proposed amendments to the Centre Constitution.

The 2012 AGM was held on 25 April 2012.

For more details, pleaae contact ycar@yorku.ca.

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