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Who is Doing What on Asia @ York

The following is a database of York faculty members who are doing research on Asia or Asian Diaspora. The database is a work-in-progress and sourced from York faculty websites. If you wish to be included in the database or if you have changes or corrections, please contact us at ycar@yorku.ca. This database is also available as a PDF.

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Faculty | Department
Focus | Geographic Interest
Research Interests
Adelson, Naomi (Anthropology)
Asian Diaspora | Cambodian Diaspora
Reproductive health and health services for Cambodian refugee women
Agnew, Vijay
(Social Science)
Asian Diaspora | South Asian Diaspora
Immigrant women in Canada; racism; history of Asian, African, and Caribbean women in Canada; violence against immigrant women; immigrant women NGOs; South Asian women
Ahmad, Tania (Anthropology)
South Asia | Pakistan
Postcolonial cities, Muslim societies; popular culture; women; what it means to be middle-class in Karachi, Parkistan
Ahmed, Farah (School of Health Policy and Management)
Asian Diaspora
Primary care settings, psychosocial health, vulnerable communities and eHealth innovations
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Alcedo, R. Patrick (Dance)
Southeast Asia, Asian Diaspora | Philippines, Filipino Diaspora
Philippine traditional dances; performance of gender; folklorization of religion; world dance in the diaspora
Anderson, Gordon (Humanities)
East Asia | China
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Bannerji, Himani (Sociology, Equity Studies)
Asian Diaspora, South Asia | South Asian Diaspora, India
Third world sociology; women's studies, women and development; colonial and post-colonial social and political formations; feminist theory and its relations to race and class, immigrant women in Canada
Belk, Russell (Marketing, Schulich School of Business)
Asia | China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia
Meanings of possessions; collecting; gift-giving; materialism
Boon, Marcus B. (English) Asia Asian religious traditions
Bunch, Martin (Environmental Studies) South Asia | India Problems of developing area cities (particularly in India); urban development; urban environmental management
Caplan, Linda
East Asia | Japan Japanese ensemble performance; classical and contemporary koto; shamisen (specializing in jiuta genre); jiuta voice
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Chan, Christopher (Human Resource Management) Asia, Southeast Asia | Singapore Asian business; introduction to management in Singapore; cross-cultural recruitment and selection; personality traits and cultural intelligence as determinants of successful cross-cultural encounters
Chan, Patty
East Asia | China
Chinese orchestra; erhu; world music; Chinese music; Chinese bowed strings
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Cheng, Qiuming (Geography, Earth and Space Science and Engineering) East Asia | China, Tibet Geographic Information Systems (GIS); GIS system development; spatial statistics and fractal modeling; spatial decision support system; non-linear image processing, pattern recognition; mineral resources assessment; water system modeling; mathematical geology
Chin, Gregory (Political Science) East Asia | China China's currency policy; China's outward global economic expansion; Asian regionalism; Chinese foreign policy; BRICS countries as emerging powers; global governance reform
Cho, Lily (English) Asian Diaspora Asian-Canadian literature, diaspora studies and cultural including the relationshop between citizenship andi ts articulation in Canadian literacy and cultural texts
Copeland, Michael (Economic, Professor Emeritus) East Asia | China, Hong Kong Economic reforms in China and Hong Kong; micro and macro economics; ethnic voting patterns; China's economic development, and policy toward minority nationalities
Das Gupta, Tania (Sociology) Asian Dioaspora | South Asian Diaspora Multiculturalism; anti-racist pedagogy; racial and sexual harassment in the workplace; precarious work/workers; anti-racism and the labour movement
Das, Raju (Geography) South Asia | India Development studies; political economy; technology, nature, population and production relations; globalization and rural labour; state-society relations; state's developmental interventions
Dewitt, David (Political Science) East Asia | Asia Pacific, North Korea Asia Pacific security politics; regionalization of political security relations in the Asia Pacific region
Drummond, Lisa (Social Science, Urban Studies) Southeast Asia | Vietnam Urban social life in Vietnam; women's roles in Vietnamese society; application of western concepts such as public and private to the use of space in Vietnamese cities
Dua, Enakshi
(Equity Studies, School of Women's Studies)
Asian Diaspora | South Asian Diaspora Race and gender; migration; women and development; gender and community
Dunlop, Rishma (English) Asian Diaspora | South Asian Diaspora Postcolonial and diasporic literatures
Fang, Tony (Human Resource Management) Asian Diaspora | East Asian Diaspora Compensation and benefits, high performance workplace practices, pension, retirement policy and the ageing workforce, education, immigration, and minimum wages, union impact on wages, innovation and firm growth, pay equity and employment equity Email | Web site
Fogel, Joshua A. (History) East Asia | Japan, China History of Sino-Japanese relations
Frolic, B. Michael (Political Science, Professor Emeritus) East Asia | China Modernization and urbanization in China and the USSR; Canada-China relations; transitions to democracy after the Cold War; ncomparative communism between China and the USSR; political change in China
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Gewurtz, Margo (Humanities) East Asia | China Sino-Western cultural relations; Canadian China missionaries and their Chinese colleauges
Giordan, Pietro (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) East Asia | China Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, culture, theatre and cinema
Goossen, Ted (Humanities) East Asia | Japan Traditional and contemporary Japan; Western culture and the Oriental other; Asian culture and the Occidental other; comparative examinations of cultural constructs of selfhood, society, nature; the sacred in western and non-western societies
Gosine, Andil (Sociology) Asian Diaspora | Indo-Caribbean Diaspora Cultural Studies; sexualities; gender; environment; international development; dissident sexualities in non-western contexts; Indo-Caribbean diaspora
Goulding, Jay
(Social Science, Social and Political Thought, Sociology, Communication and Culture)
East Asia | China, Japan Wang Bi’s reconstruction of Laozi’s Daodejing; Cheng Chung-ying’s ontocosmology and Chinese philosophy; Hwa Yol Jung’s Daoist phenomenology; Daoism, Buddhism and Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology; Heidegger’s engagement with Chinese and Japanese philosophy; Motoori Norinaga’s understanding of Chushingura (Treasury of Loyal Retainers)
Gururani, Shubhra (Anthropology) South Asia | India Cultural politics of environment and development; postcoloniality; third world feminisms; social movements; politics of conservation and gendered struggles over livelihood in Uttarakhand Himalayas, India; changing environmental and territorial politics in urban metropolis and suburbs in the context of neoliberal transformation
Hae, Laam (Political Science) East Asia | South Korea Urban political economy; cultural politics of a variety of social groups; constitutional debates over expressive activities in cities; changing political economy of new Asian cities
Haque, Eve (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) South Asia ESL and applied linguistics; Canada's participation in English language teaching in Asia; enhancing student interactivity in ESL
foundations courses with Moodle
Hayashi, Sharon (Film) East Asia | Japan Japanese and East Asian cinema; architecture of cinema; new media and new social movements; pink cinema; translation and transnational cinema
Henders, Susan (Political Science) East Asia | Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China Multinational states and special status regions; politics of international human rights; cross-border roles of non-state actors and non-central/federal governments; internationalization of minority self-government arrangements; literature and human rights
Hirji, Zulfikar (Anthropology) Asian Diaspora, South Asia | South Asian Diaspora, Pakistan Production and performance of identity; role of cultural workers and social movements; dynamics of family networks and inter-generational migration; socio-legal formation of communal identity in colonial contexts; form and context of urban violence in religiously plural societies
Hong, Charles (Music) East Asia, Asian Diaspora | Korean Diaspora Performance studies; world music pedagogy; ritual; music of Korean/Asian diaspora; music syncretism
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Hyun, Theresa (Humanities) East Asia | South Korea, DPR Korea Translation and cultural interaction in Korea since the late 19th century; Korean writers; comparative literature and culture
Inutsuka, Kumiko (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) East Asia | Japan Japanese language studies
Jeon, Mihyon (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) East Asia | South Korea Heritage language maintenance; biliteracy; second-language development; and curriculum and materials design for Korean learners
Judge, Joan (History) East Asia | China New methods of reading, contextualizing and historicizing Chinese women’s journals in the early 20th century; changing relationship between textual and ritual knowledge in China’s modern history
Kal, Hong
(Visual Arts)
East Asia | South Korea, Japan Politics of exhibition culture in 20th-century Japan and Korea, with emphasis on nationalism and post-colonialism
Kapoor, Ilan (Environmental Studies) South Asia | India, Pakistan Critical development studies; postcolonial studies; participatory development; democratic theory
Kay, Michael (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Professor Emeritus) East Asia | China, Korea, Japan East Asian languages; phonetics (especially the teaching of practical phonetics); role of languages and writing systems in the rise, spread and functioning of societies, empires and religions, in China, Korea, Japan
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Kazimi, Ali
South Asia, Asian Diaspora | India, South Asian Diaspora Digital imaging; migration; cinematography; race
Kelly, Philip F. (Geography) Southeast Asia, Asian Diaspora | Philippines, Filipino Diaspora Labour market integration of Filipino immigrants in Toronto and the transnational linkages they create with communities and families in the Philippines; process of socio-economic change in sending areas
Kim, Ann
Asian Diaspora | Korean Diaspora Immigrant and ethnic integration processes and the spatial manifestations of urban inequality; emergence and effect of panethnicity in Asian diaspora in North America
Kim, Janice
East Asia | South Korea, DPR Korea Official and oral histories of intra- and inter-national immigration during and after the Korean War; affection, labour and the moral economy in South Korea from the 1960s to the 1980s; civil society; cultural studies; diaspora; governance and politics; postcolonial studies; social movements; colonial studies; labour and employment
Kitano Thomson, Keiko (Dance) East Asia | Japan Japanese Dance; Butoh Web site
Klassen, Thomas (Political Science) East Asia | South Korea Income security policy and the welfare state; state policies related to work and retirement
Lam, Anita
(Social Science, Criminology)
Asian Diaspora Crime, media and culture Email | Web site
Landa, Janet (Economics) Southeast Asia, Asian Diaspora | Chinese Diaspora Law-and-economic analysis of extra-legal institutions for achieving social order such as social norms embedded in ethnic trading networks and gift exchange; trust, ethnicity and identity of Chinese merchants in Southeast Asia; bioeconomic analysis of non-human and human societies
Lau, Yam
(Visual Arts)
East Asia | China Painting and drawing; computer animation; video; architecture and urbanism; public intervention
Lee, Ahrong (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) East Asia Korean linguistics, loanword phonology and second language acquisition Email | Web site
Li, Jessica Tsui Yan (Social Science) East Asia | Hong Kong Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, films and culture; comparative literature; Hong Kong studies; gender studies; literary theories; translation studies
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Li, Jinyan
(Osgoode Law School)
Asian Diaspora | China Tax law and policy; pensions; Chinese law
Li, Lee (Administrative Studies) East Asia | China Marketing; challenges facing marketing managers, including international trade and marketing strategies
Lo, Lucia (Geography) Asian Diaspora | Chinese Diaspora Immigrant consumer preferences; demand and supply of immigrant settlement services in Toronto; retail restructuring and consumer behavioural change in China; opportunities and challenges facing immigrant entrepreneurs; foreign banks and immigrant community development
Luk, Bernard (History) East Asia | Hong Kong, China History and politics of Hong Kong and China
Lumsden, David (Anthropology) East Asia | China Embodiment and multiple identities, and social justice; population displacement; travelling theory/culture; medical anthropology; mental health issues; psychosocial stress
Ma, Jia (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics ) East Asia | China Chinese language and culture: Chinese culture through film
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Maiter, Sarah
(School of Social Work)
Asian Diaspora | South Asian Diaspora Child and family welfare (both child protection and children's mental health services); anti-racist and social justice approaches to social work; race, culture, and ethnicity and child welfare policy and practice; voices of diverse populations into social work theory, research and practice; developing prevention and social support programs for diverse populations and for immigrants and refugees
Malik, Sadia M. (Economics) South Asia Health economics, economic growth and development, institutional economics, poverty, inequality and conflict, climate change Email | Web site
Man, Guida
(School of Women's Studies)
Asian Diaspora | Chinese Diaspora Globalization and transnational migration; women and work; family and gender relations, ethnic and racial diversities, and social justice; social change; the experience of Chinese immigrant women in Canada
Matsuoka, Atsuko (School of Social Work) Asian Diaspora | Japanese Diaspora Gerontological social work, ethics and aging; antioppressive social work; ethnicity and social work; immigrants, refugees and diaspora population
Miller, Barry W. (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) Southeast Asia | Philippines Syntax, semantics and child language acquisition; English and the Philippine languages
Mitchell, Peter (History, Professor Emeritus) East Asia | Hong Kong History and politics of Hong Kong; academic relations between Hong Kong and China and between Hong Kong and Canada
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Mongia, Radhika (Sociology) South Asia, Asian Diaspora | India, South Asian Diaspora Migration; nationality; colonialism; gender; race: labour; diaspora
Montsion, Jean Michel (International Studies, Glendon) Southeast Asia | Singpore, Malaysia Community politics and diaspora politics across the Pacific Ocean Email | Web site
Morris, Kim Chow (Music) Asian Diaspora | Chinese Diaspora Chinese diaspora music; religion and spirituality; Chinese instrumental ensemble; Chinese wind instruments (xiao, hulusi and bawu)
Email | Web site
Mukherjee, Arun P. (English) South Asia, Asian Diaspora| India, South Asian Diaspora South Asian and minority Canadian literatures
Mukherjee Reed, Ananya
(Political Science)
South Asia | India Economic and human development; corporate governance; knowledge information and development; regionalisation
Nagata, Judith (Anthropology, Professor Emeritus) Southeast Asia, East Asia| Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan Islam in its civil and political forms; diasporic Buddhist organizations in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Canada; regional and transnational religious and ethnic identity politics, focusing on their policy implications for multiculturalism and for foreign relations
Email | Web site
Naimpally, Ravi (Music) South Asia | India Tabla: teaching, composing
Email | Web site
Nakamura, Yuka (Kinesiology and Health Science) Asia and Diaspora How unequal power relations, enacted through the social categories of race, gender and class, shape our lives, identities and opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity Email | Web site
Nijhawan, Michael (Sociology) Asian Diaspora | South Asian Diaspora, Sikh Diaspora Sikh diaspora in Europe and North America; violence and suffering and its translatability in cultural practices; transnational religion, immigration and identity formation
Nijhawan, Shobna (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) South Asia | India The Hindi public sphere (20th century); Hindi and Urdu literature; Hindi, Urdu and English women's periodicals; theories of gender and nationalism; Ayurveda and allopathy in Hindi fiction; Hindi medical periodicals (first half of the 20th century); technology enhanced learning
Nirupama, Niru (Emergency Management) South Asia | Indian Ocean Physical dynamics of natural hazards; hazards, risks and vulnerability assessment; disaster management using GIS and remote sensing techniques; multi-criteria decision making using fuzzy logic concept
Norwood, Angela (Design) South Asia | India Role of design in Ladakh, India through social, cultural and cognitive aspects of wayfinding and signage systems; analyzing structural devices in advertising
Oikawa, Mona (Equity Studies, Communication and Culture) Asian Diaspora | Japanese Diaspora Critical race studies; the Internment of Japanese Canadians; sexuality studies; cultural studies; relationship of Japanese Canadians to a history of colonialism in the settler society of Canada
Ota, Norio (Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics) East Asia | Japan Japanese language studies
Park, Hyun Ok (Sociology) East Asia, Asian Diaspora | South Korea, DPR Korea, Korean Diaspora Historical sociology; critical theory; capitalism and labour; culture and ideology; social movements; colonialism and nationalism; comparative studies
Peng, Songlan (Administrative Studies) East Asia | China Quality of financial information; relevance of fair value accounting; international convergence of accounting standards; critical assessment of development of International Financial Reporting Standards; Chinese accounting standards
Penz, Peter (Environmental Studies, Professor Emeritus) South Asia Global environmental and social justice; development ethics; population displacement and development refugees; human rights and basic needs; indigenous peoples in the Third World; development and environmental refugees; socio-environmental-justice movements
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Preston, Valerie (Geography) East Asia, Asian Diaspora | Chinese Diaspora World and social geography; urban social policy; urbanization in Asian cities; industrial change, and a new labour force; politics of the environment and resource-based industries in Asia
Quadir, Fahimul (Development Studies) South Asia | Bangladesh Comparative politics; international development; international political economy; civil society; democratization; corporatization of the voluntary sector; (good) governance; human security
Rhee, Jooyeon (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) East Asia Representations of gender in popular cultural productions such as serial fictions in newspapers, cinema novels, postcards, and photographs produced between the mid-1900s and the late 1920s; relationship between crime and gender in the literature and film of colonial Korea. Email | Web site
Roth, Robin (Geography) Southeast Asia | Thailand Political ecology; environmental conservation, particularly forests; social-ecological landscapes; sustainable livelihoods; gender and environment
Rubinoff, Janet (History) South Asia | India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Fisheries development in India and South Asia; fisherwomen in the markets; backwater fish farming (both indigenous ponds and modern shrimp farming); globalization and marine fisheries management in India
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Sankaran, Trichy (Music) South Asia | India Ethnomusicology; traditional South Indian classical percussion and vocal; fusion music; composition; world rhythm analysis and pedagogy
Schauwers, Albert (Anthropology) Southeast Asia | Indonesia Kinship; marriage; hosuehold; ethnic group formation; colonialism; role of religion in the development of civil society
Sellers-Young, Barbara
East Asia | Japan Moving body and globalization; Asian physical disciplines including Laban, mask, meditation, yoga, t’ai chi, wu chi and chi gong
Singh, Hira (Sociology) South Asia, Asian Diaspora | India, South Asian Diaspora Social Movements; feudalism in non-European and European societies; colonial and post-colonial social formations; transnational migration of labour (India, South Africa, Canada)
Smith, Ian R. (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics ) South Asia Contact-induced language change; pidginization and creolization; South Asian languages especially Tamil
Srinivasan, Sharada (Development Studies) South Asia | India Gender; culture and violence; daughter elimination in India; poverty and insecurity; young people and development
Sue, Phig Choy (Music) East Asia | China Chinese guzheng: teaching, performing, ensemble, technique and theory
Email | Web site
Sun, Naixiu (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics ) East Asia | China Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
Email | Web site
Takai, Yukari (History, Glendon) East Asia, Asia Diaspora | Japan, Canada Asian transborder migration; gender, work and migration Email | Web site
Toratani, Kiyoko (Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics) East Asia | Japan Japanese language and literature
Turner, Alicia (Humanities) Southeast Asia | Burma Burmese Buddhism and its interaction with a colonial category of religion
Uppal, Priscilla (English) Asian Diaspora | South Asian Diaspora World Literature; reading culture and representations of readers in art; revisionist mythmaking; adaptation; artistic process
Van Esterik, Penny
Southeast Asia | Thailand, Laos, Indoensia Nutritional anthropology; food and globalization; anthropological approaches to advocacy communication, particularly around risk and infant feeding; infant feeding among urban poor in developing countries; Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia and North America; gender and development: maternal and child health
Vandergeest, Peter (Geography) Southeast Asia | Thailand Political ecology; environmental sociology; cultural politics of environment and development; resource rights; social aspects of forestry; shrimp aquaculture; governmentality and forest politics in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand; regulatory practices in shrimp aquaculture in Thailand
Vishwanathan, Sundar
South Asia | India World music; creative improvisation; composition; indo-jazz; music and popular culture

Wakabayashi, Bob Tadashi (History)

East Asia | Japan Modern Japanese thought; Japanese loyalism; Anti-foreignism and western learning in early-modern Japan
Westney, Eleanor (International Business, Schulich School of Business) East Asia | Japan Japanese business and social change; cross-border organizational learning
Winland, Daphne (Anthropology) Asian Diaspora | Laotian Diaspora Religious conversion and gender among Laotian Hmong refugees
Wolf, Bernard (Economics, Schulich School of Business) East Asia | China, Korea, Japan Rapid changes in manufacturing, especially in the motor vehicle industry, from technological progress, new capabilities in developing countries that alter comparative advantage, evolution of global supply chains, environmental concerns, business cycles, including the current severe economic and financial crisis, trade liberalization or increased protection and foreign exchange rate movements
Wong, Renita Yuk-Lin
(School of Social Work)
East Asia | China, Hong Kong Critical social work; ethnospecific community mental health; identity and diversity; gender and migration; postcolonialism and international social work; spirituality and social activism; declonization of knowledge and knowing; social work in China; gender in de/colonialism and nation-building
Wong, Wendy (Design) East Asia | Hong Kong, China, Taiwan Chinese visual cultural history and studies; Chinese design history; history of Hong Kong comics; cross-cultural/hybrid design; globalization and transnational studies
Wright, Lorna (International Business, Schulich School of Business) East Asia, Southeast Asia | Pacific Basin countries Cross-cultural management; international negotiations; strategic alliances; conditions for SME business success internationally; the situation of women-owned SMEs in the digital economy
Xia, Vivian
East Asia | China Yangqin; hammer dulcimer; butterfly qin; Chinese pluck instrument; Chinese music
Email | Web site
Xu, Xueqing (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) Asian Diaspora, East Asia | Chinese Diaspora, China Chinese-Canadian diasporic literature; Chinese literature; Confucius
Yabuki-Soh, Noriko
(Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics)
East Asia | Japan Japanese language studies
Young, Mary (Geography) Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia Political economy and political ecology of Asia with particular interests in Indonesia and Taiwan; Agro-food systems, environment, food security; natural markets, organic agriculture in Southeast Asia since the late 1990s; Asian experiences in food and financial crises; and an examination of peasant and women’s rights in Asian literature Email | Web site
Young, Suzie F. (Film) Asian Diaspora, East Asia | China, Hong Kong, Chinese Diaspora Chinese film; horror and ethics; critical theory; feminisms; racialization
Zarif-Ravanbakhsh, Sashar
Asian Diaspora Dance ethnology; ethno musicology; identity; globalization; cross-cultural collaborations
Zha, Qiang (Education) East Asia, Asian Diaspora | China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, East Asian Diaspora Comparative higher/education; international academic relations; globalization and education; internationalization of higher education; East Asian and Chinese higher education; differentiation and diversity in higher education; theories of organizational change; research methods in education; global brain circulation; global citizenship education, issues with new immigrants settlement

Zhao, Wen Xin (Music)

East Asia | China Chinese Pipa
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