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Socio-Politics of Climate Change and world sneak preview of 'Who Care if Bangladesh Drowns?'

November 15, 2007 with Afsan Chowdhury and Jose Etcheverry

Many thanks to Afsan Chowdhury, YCAR Research Associate and Jose Etcheverry, a lecturer in Environmental Science at York, speakers at 'Socio-Politics of Climate Change,' a YCAR event held Thursday at Founders College.

Over 35 people were present to hear Chowdhury's global experiences with climate change and see the world premiere of his film, 'Who Cares if Bangladesh Drown?', which will be shown at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Bali in December. Chowdhury is a journalist, researcher and activist. He made his first public presentation on climate change in 1987. He has worked on disaster management, the arsenic contamination of ground water in Bangladesh, storm shelters management, contingency planning and coping mechanisms since 1980.

The audience also had the chance to hear the words of wisdom from Etcheverry, whose work focuses work on developing practical policy solutions to climate change through collaborative efforts. He is also a research and policy analyst for the David Suzuki Foundation.

Watch a Real News interview with Afsan on his film, 'Who Cares if Bangladesh Drowns.'

Afsan Chowdhury introducing his doc
on Bangladesh and climate change
which will be shown at the United Nations
Climate Change Convention in Indonesia
in December 2007.





Afsan Chowdhury also presented and
narrated the documentary.






Jose Etcheverry and Afsan Chowdhury



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