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Asia matters.

It is home to 60 percent of the world’s people and covers half the earth's surface. Globally, its political and economic weight is growing. Here at home, increasing numbers of Canadians have Asian roots. The region is crucial to global efforts to preserve ecological diversity, reduce poverty, maintain peace and live with cultural diversity. Understanding Asia's historical and contemporary influence on global socio-economic, cultural, political and ecological change is key to understanding our global future.  

Themes explored at YCAR and by its Associates include:

  • Political Ecology (formerly environment and sustainable development) where our Southeast Asia specialists are especially strong;
  • (Re)making governance in Asia (formerly governance and policy development);
  • Gender and development, including women and business;
  • Culture and Fine Arts;
  • Migration and Diaspora;
  • Religions and Philosophies in Asia and Asian Diaspora, including the study of Canadian missionaries in Asia;
  • Critical and historical perspectives on Area Studies;
  • Philippine studies;
  • Korean studies;
  • China studies;
  • Hong Kong studies.
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