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City of Lanzhou by Thomas Kraus (2005)York China Studies serves as a forum to bring together the large and thematically diverse group of scholars involved in the study of China and Chinese Diaspora. Researchers from disciplines such as humanities, languages, education, literatures, law, political science, history, anthropology and business are actively engaged in research that seeks to understand current and past processes of social, political, cultural and economic transformation within China, and situate them in relation to regional and global developments and frameworks. 

Among the themes studied are:

Globalization and the politics of consumerism in China
The role of China as an economic and political emerging power; participation of China in international development, particularly in Africa
Cultural studies; relations between tradition and modernity; post-colonialism; gender through analysis of literature, film, art and education
Immigration policies, ethnic economies, and urban labour markets in the production of Chinese diaspora
• Political change and reform
• Territorial politics; minorities
• China-Japan cultural links

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